“Photo is not merely a medium to preserve important events in our life, it is also a tool which we could use to align differences, hone sensitivity towards our surrounding, discover our identity, and also voice our opinions on matters which affect the community and many more”

~Octavius, a Villager from Desa Labian, West Kalimantan

“Before, we weren’t convinced we’d be able to make progress, but PVI’s ‘Let’s Talk Through Photos’ program helped us gain confidence. Through the photos we took, we can now voice the things we initially found difficult to communicate with words. Our actions have shown tangible results in promoting Amed Salt-Bali and have influenced decisions because of the proposal we’ve given to the [local] government.”

~Nengah Suanda, Amed Salt Producers’ Community

Photovoices International Empowers People Through Photography

Photovoices photographers live in some of the most remote regions of the world, sometimes speak only their local language and rarely, if ever, have had the opportunity to tell their own story.

What do they have to teach us? A lot.

Photovoices International is an innovative international program that provides cameras and photography training for people to document important issues in their lives like the state of the natural environment, what they value about traditional culture and to record community strengths and challenges.

The Photovoices process–part documentary, part art, part storytelling–provides a way to hear villagers’ unfiltered opinions and to learn from their expertise.

By using simple cameras, photographs and stories, people gain a visual voice at the table and a process to communicate indigenous knowledge and concerns from the grassroots to international organizations, government officials and other making plans for the future.

Perhaps most important, the pictures and stories provide people a way to reflect on their own lives and to talk together about what they want to protect and what they want to make better. Click here to find out how the Photovoices process works.

~Ann McBride Norton, Founder, & Senior Adviser


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