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Advancing Gender and Youth Empowerment in Ban Village, East Bali


2016 - Present


Ban Village in Karangasem, East Bali, is one of the most isolated and arid places in Bali. It is also an incredibly beautiful place. Located on the slopes of Mt Agung and Mt Abang, the hamlets dotting the mountainside have views leading all the way to the sea. Since 2016, Photovoices International, in partnership with East Bali Poverty Project, has been leading a multi-year photovoice project with youth at six schools, three on each mountain. In addition to the issues of access to clean water, paved roads, livelihood development and internet reception, youth also focus their lens on the issues of gender equality; child, early and forced marriage (CEFM); sexual harassment; and girls’ inclusion in sports. With funding from the EMpower Foundation, the Girl Fund and two Spark & Ignite Awards, Photovoices facilitates middle and high school students on a journey to better understand the issues directly impacting their lives. Each year builds on the work and findings of the preceding year with the student participants gaining increased confidence, knowledge and skills to advocate for positive change in their communities and in their own lives. 

Year 1: Laying the Foundation 2016 - 2017 
Year 2: Digging Deeper 2018  


students from 6 hamlets were behind the camera


main issues


student groups campaigned in schools, communities and to government leaders


photo stories presented

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