Sukabumi Infrastructure

For an area that’s located not far from the capital, infrastructure remain a challenge for the community at Ciptarasa. The 10km road from Ciptarasa to Ciptagalar was built by almost 3,000 people in one week using nothing but traditional tools. The construction was conducted and financed by the villagers in Kasepuhan without any government support. The government has provided less attention and development support to this area. This road built by the people was located within a National Park, causing dissent from the National Park and Government. In other areas of Sukabumi when the people found  it hard to get funding for their proposal, village leaders and photographers used pictures and stories from the Photovoice project to point out to the government about the important issues and development priorities in the village. Bapemdes (Community Empowerment Agency) intervened with the PNPM (National Program for Community Empowerment) program and PNPM funded the community proposal based on the Photovoice pictures and information. One example from the Photovoice information was the road building that resulted from the Photovoice information in Sukamanis, Citamiang and Ciptagalar.