Daily Life

The Kingdom of Boti
Located in the remote hills of West Timor, the Kingdom of Boti has kept alive its ancient traditions for centuries. Reachable only via a rugged dirt trail approximately 90 kilometers from Niki Niki in Timor Tenggah Selatan Regency, the small community of more than 300 people is a traditional monarchy ruled by a king. For the past 30 years, the beloved King Nune Benu led the Boti people. Upon the death of King Nune Benu in 2005, his son Nama Benu (pictured here) assumed the throne. However, because the time of mourning and ceremonial cremation for the former king have not been completed, Nune Benu still holds the title of prince and has not been granted the full powers of the king yet. Traditional activities such as the gamelan music and other rituals practiced by the villagers for centuries cannot resume until King Nama Benu has been finally laid to rest.