National Geographic Magazine

Photovoices International is proud to be a National Geographic Magazine Project and is grateful for the generous financial support. John Griffin, President, Magazine Group, Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief and David Griffin, Photography Editor, have also been generous with their time and advice. Senior Photographer John Echave has traveled to Indonesia to visit Photovoices sites and is an important resource for photography training. Photovoices owes special thanks to Susan Smith, Deputy Director of Photography, for everything she has done to make this project happen. Tracy Wolstencroft, a National Geographic Board Member, is a Photovoices advocate, advisor and friend.

National Geographic’s mission is “To increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources… Since 1888, National Geographic has traveled the Earth, sharing its amazing stories with each new generation. National Geographic’s Mission Programs support critical expeditions and scientific fieldwork, encourage geography education for students, promote natural and cultural conservation, and inspire audiences through new media, vibrant exhibitions, and live events…National Geographic’s purpose is to inspire people to care about their planet…”